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Integral BEing podcast with Irina Childs

Sep 10, 2021

In this first episode, I would like us to look at self development versus self discovery and I will share with you briefly some findings that have appeared inside our Integral Studies Academy following several years of research and tests.

And I will start by sharing a quote from Albert Einstein who said that “Human beings can attain a worthy and harmonious life only if they are able to rid themselves, within the limits of human nature, of the striving for fulfillment of material kinds. The goal is to raise the spiritual values of society”

According to the wise people of this planet the most important pursuit for us human beings is to discover who we truly are, to discover ourselves. Then the right perspective sets in, “know the truth and truth shall set you free” is perhaps the most known Biblical quote. This means to know thyself and as Socrates was explaining in his philosophy  “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

If you want to truly live the sublime life you were born to live, if you want to reach the peak of your God given potential, to enjoy life with your family and loved ones and have both material and spiritual abundance in your life, enjoy equanimity a steady consciousness, wisdom and inner freedom, this podcast is for you. I'm here to demystify the incompatibility between being deeply spiritual and leading a successful professional life. I teach and mentor people on this amazing path of extraordinary growth and Godly abundance, a path of unity and harmony between the material and spiritual worlds. Integral BEing is for you, if you are ready to learn about how to reach the peak of human potential, how to grow beyond your wildest dreams and continue this abundant transformation into all areas of your life. Each episode is designed to help you transform your perspective and make better choices, by teaching you simple steps and most important strategies for living life from an integral perspective. A podcast that will cover subjects as education, leadership, art, creativity, meditation, spirituality, well-being, geniality, wisdom and yoga practice. I will also interview visionary leaders, transformational authors, educators, game changers. Join me into this journey, and let me show you how you can live an abundant, sublime life, how you can integrate spirituality in doing what you love, and that it is possible to live a tranquil state of unity in the middle of everyday life.


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