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Integral BEing podcast with Irina Childs

Oct 5, 2021

In this podcast I will start to talk about the 7 mysterious layers of consciousness that exist inside every human being. This is an introduction into this fascinating field because to know it, it requires practice and dedication and application of knowledge, in other words we can talk about the 7 musical notes but in order to become a musician practice is also required. 

These layers of consciousness are corresponding also to the first 6 chakras and the 7th fundamental center of the being. These chakras are pointing out the areas in our being where certain types of energies are received;

What are these chakras you may ask? They are distinct centres or resonators that exist within the inner universe of the human being. These resonators are fundamental systems that emit and receive information specific to the 7 fundamental ranges of vibration of the Macrocosm or the Universe. 

The same way a radio emitter receives information and broadcasts it out in the same way the inner resonators that we have, have this role. However not all of them work to the capacity unless we have awakened them.

And before going any further I will explain what a resonance phenomenon is from the scientific perspective and also from the perspective of yoga practice. In the yoga practice resonance is a process of initiating and amplifying phenomena that is consciously perceived in the human being. 

Integral BEing is for you, if you are ready to learn about how to reach the peak of human potential, how to grow beyond your wildest dreams and continue this abundant transformation into all areas of your life.

Each episode is designed to help you transform your perspective and make better choices, by teaching you simple steps and most important strategies for living life from an integral perspective. A podcast that will cover subjects as education, leadership, art, creativity, meditation, spirituality, well-being, geniality, wisdom and yoga practice. I will also interview visionary leaders, transformational authors, educators, game changers.

Join me into this journey, and let me show you how you can live an abundant, sublime life, how you can integrate spirituality in doing what you love, and that it is possible to live a tranquil state of unity in the middle of everyday life.
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