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Integral BEing podcast with Irina Childs

Jun 14, 2022

In the previous podcast I have presented a few elements about the first layer of consciousness in the human being and I will continue to do the same with the second one today! These are only reaching the surface but hopefully can give you an understanding of the universe that they control and influence in our well being and overall life. 


The general idea is that the predominant center of consciousness that is most active in someone’s being can give a person a certain perspective in life, certain qualities and tune of life and this is in direct correlation with the level of social integration, perceptions of others in a context, with the intelligence, capacity to be empathic and so on. These are unique combinations and depend on many factors like upringhing or education but what is clear from many years of research and practice is that every single one of us perceives reality depending on how we have activated and energized our centers of consciousness inside our being. This will make more sense as we go through all of them.