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Integral BEing podcast with Irina Childs

Jun 30, 2022

In the previous podcast we covered a few elements about the second layer of consciousness of human beings and today we are moving up to the third layer! 

Exciting step. The third layer is all about will power, self confidence, capacity for transformation and self mastery and control. In other words when this center is in good working balance all of these qualities are very well presented in an individual. And this is also the level that can distinguish a leader from an aspiring leader. This, more than any centers of consciousness presented until now, is the level at which the leadership qualities bud and start to manifest. 

Like mentioned in my previous episodes, information presented here is only reaching the surface but hopefully can give you an understanding of the universe that each of these centers of consciousness control and the extended influence they have in our well being and in the quality of our overall life. 

The general idea is that the predominant center of consciousness that is most active gives the perspective in life and this perspective can be modified, improved and transformed greatly if you know how to do it. This will make more sense as we go through presenting all of them.