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Integral BEing podcast with Irina Childs

Sep 25, 2021

As we are still in the beginning episodes of our podcast, this week I would like to offer a few definitions that are important for clarity of concepts and I will start with the term Integral. 

The word integral in my view and also from the perspective of the teachings of Integral Studies Academy refers to that which includes both esoteric and exoteric knowledge. 

Exoteric knowledge is everything that science, art and most existing traditional Universities and education institutions offer today and which is explained and understood primarily with the intellect. 

Esoteric term has been adopted in its philosophical sense and has been used to describe a practice or a person who seemingly has a deep knowledge of the universe and the lessons within it and actively works to connect with those things.

So in my teachings we define all that which connects the sacred, the mysterious and the divine - as the esoteric - both in the human being and in the universe  - with the visible - the exoteric - for examples with the discoveries of science and thus in Integral Education we have the unity of those visible and invisible things, the explainable, tangible and the sacred, not explainable, the mysterious that can be experienced - this is Integral knowledge.

Integral BEing is for you, if you are ready to learn about how to reach the peak of human potential, how to grow beyond your wildest dreams and continue this abundant transformation into all areas of your life.

Each episode is designed to help you transform your perspective and make better choices, by teaching you simple steps and most important strategies for living life from an integral perspective. A podcast that will cover subjects as education, leadership, art, creativity, meditation, spirituality, well-being, geniality, wisdom and yoga practice. I will also interview visionary leaders, transformational authors, educators, game changers.

Join me into this journey, and let me show you how you can live an abundant, sublime life, how you can integrate spirituality in doing what you love, and that it is possible to live a tranquil state of unity in the middle of everyday life.
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